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Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking one of Pittsburg, NH's many logging roads
Mountain Bike Rentals

At Tall Timber, mountain bikes are available free of charge for guests for mountain biking the logging roads of Pittsburg, NH. They are equipped with a well padded seat and wrap around handle bars and helmets are also supplied. Availability of mountain bikes is on a first come, first served basis, so please reserve bikes with us at the front desk when you visit.

Northern NH Mountain Biking

The sale of International Paper Corporation's Pittsburg holdings has created a unique situation for mountain biking in our area.  In order to preserve northern New Hampshire's natural beauty as well as retain access for the sporting public, a conservation easement has been created involving the state of New Hampshire and a private timber corporation.  The easement was created to ensure recreational opportunities for future generations as well as to maintain an active forest economy.

Since logging activity is on a changing basis from year to year, please ask Tom at the front desk which logging roads should be avoided for the current year.

The general rule of thumb is:
"If logging is going on in an area, STAY OUT!"

Deer Mountain
14.1 miles North on Route 3

Cross Route 3 and go around the orange gate to access this trail. The Deer Mountain trail provides a little bit of everything for bikers - uphills, straightaways, and downhill sections in abundance. There will be plenty of signs out there as this trail is used for snowmobiling in the winter. After passing by Moose Falls Flowage on the right, the left turn for Deer Mountain will be 2 miles ahead. While the trail does not climb over the peak, it does provide good inclines, eventually becoming a snowmobile trail. Continuing past the turn for the mountain will yield good riding for approximately 2 miles. The road dead ends near the Third Connecticut Lake, approximately 4 miles from Route 3. There are several secondary roads worth exploring in this area - one in particular that bears left at the final intersection toward Perry Pond. True wilderness biking at its best!

Cedar Stream Road
3.9 miles South on Rte 3 to Rte 145
At 4.1 miles, turn left to start of road

It is recommended that bikers start about 1 mile down the logging road rather than from the junction of the road with Route 145. There is a little more space for parking here and, more importantly, the sizable incline beside Murphy Dam is eliminated. This road is a 6+ mile roller coaster that runs the length of Lake Francis. Winding through the canopied road, the lake can be glimpsed through breaks in the trees. The road continues on past the lake into the Shehan Pond and Mount Pisgah areas, providing even more wilderness to explore. Be careful when crossing the logging bridges on this road.

Scott Bog / East Inlet / Boundary Pd
13.6 miles North on Route 3
Mountain biking in Pittsburg, NH

Kill two or three treks in one day? Maybe. This area will present bikers of all levels with many chances to test their limits. Start by parking either at the beginning of the road or drive approximately .5 mile over a wooden bridge to a larger pull off area. At the intersection after the bridge, the left turn is for Scott Bog while the right turn heads off to East Inlet and Boundary Pond.

The ride to Scott Bog is 3.5 miles of relatively level gravel road. Of all of Pittsburg’s bike trails, it is probably one of the easiest. At 2.5 miles, bear left at the fork to reach the bog. The road to the right dead ends 1.5 to 2 miles ahead. The left road meanders along until reaching another junction where a "BOAT LAUNCH" sign points to the left. Follow this to get to the bog. The secondary trails in this area are definitely worth checking out.

East Inlet is only a 2 mile ride from the starting point - but mostly uphill until just before the inlet. At about the halfway point, a gated logging road to the right should be avoided since it leads to Smith Brook, a logging road that is traditionally closed.

The true marathon is the Boundary Pond trek - 13.5 grueling miles of uphill tests that will measure the endurance of the most seasoned biker. At 12.5 miles, the road bears left up a steep incline for the final mile. Once again, secondary spurs abound in this area, so don’t lose track of the main road. Upon reaching the parking area, it is a short hike to Boundary Pond. worth it!

Big Brook Bog
8.9 miles North on Route 3

Slightly longer in distance than Coon Brook Bog, the trip to Big Brook Bog is an easily obtainable destination point only 2.3 miles from Route 3. This road has an easier grade to it than others in our area and it also has several secondary routes worth exploring. The road forks to the right and left another .7 miles past the turn to the bog. Though both roads dead end shortly, their steep pitches on the way up provide nice observation points for the bog and the surrounding countryside on the way down.

Coon Brook Bog
8.0 miles North on Route 3

Though one of the shorter bike routes in Pittsburg, the journey into Coon Brook Bog continues to be a local favorite. Starting from the vehicle turn-out area off of Route 3 just past the road to the bog, this 1.7 mile trek is a relatively steady climb to its destination. Just prior to reaching the bog, the road forks. Rather than staying straight, where you will find a locked orange gate, proceed to the left and down a slight decline to the bog.

Canadian Mountain Biking
(45 minutes from Tall Timber)

For those guests looking for a real challenge, the mountain biking trails of Circuit Frontieres will provide all of the technical challenges anyone could want.

Located in nearby Hereford, Quebec, the trails are a short drive over the border from Canaan, Vermont.

Check out their excellent bilingual website.


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