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Moose Watching

in Pittsburg, NH

Moose watching is a popular activity of tourists and locals alike in Pittsburg, NH.

Moose watching is a popular activity of tourists and locals alike in Pittsburg, NH. Spring, summer and fall, moose come to the roadside wetlands of northern New Hampshire to feed on vegetation and get the salt that has washed off the roads from the winter.

Dawn and dusk are the best times to see moose out in the open. Moose are big and unpredictable wild animals. Cows are extremely protective of their calves and bulls in the rut can be aggressive. No one should ever approach these animals no matter how tame they appear.

Moose are fun to watch, but safe moose viewing is essential.
Watch moose from a safe distance.
Here are a few
Moose Watching Safety Tips:

Always watch from a safe and respectful distance.

When spotting a moose, don't stop in the middle of the road with all four doors open. Please be considerate of other traffic and pull off and allow other vehicles to pass. Most of Route 3 is either a posted 50 MPH or 55 MPH speed zones. These roads are heavily traveled by logging trucks and other tourists that are passing through. Logging trucks haul on weekends as well as weekdays.

Please keep an eye on small children. Moose are not tame animals and should be treated as such.

Be aware that this dark-colored animal does not show up well at night. Please Drive Defensively!
Best Moose Viewing Areas:
Route 3 North "Moose Alley"
East Inlet
Anywhere on Route 3 where there are wet areas  

So, grab your camera, get the family in the car and have fun watching Pittsburg's favorite local! 



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