Upland Bird & Deer

Upland Bird & Deer Hunting

in Pittsburg, NH

Pittsburg, NH

Ruffed grouse hunting in Pittsburg, NH
Upland Bird Hunting in Pittsburg, NH offers some of the finest grouse and woodcock hunting in northern New England.

This area is known for its excellent grouse and woodcock hunting and the stocking of ring-necked pheasant several weekends in October introduces a new facet of game bird hunting to the north country. Woodcock can usually be hunted with success from October through early November. The alder and poplar bogs of Pittsburg provide ideal cover for our resident woodcock and "flights" of migrating woodcock from Canada make for some exciting shooting as well.

Northern NH pheasants taken with aid of a good hunting dog
Perhaps the most popular and challenging of all the game birds is the ruffed grouse.

Pittsburg’s mixture of hardwood forests and softwood thickets make an ideal home for grouse. The forests of Pittsburg are still actively managed for timber production, making many early growth timber areas so vital to the grouse's success.

With so many miles of prime grouse cover, you can opt to hunt the proven hot spots or discover your own secret covers. Whether looking for advice on finding prime areas, or just taking a hearty bagged lunch out on the trail, Tall Timber provides an exciting bird hunting experience.


Deer, Bear and Moose Hunting in Pittsburg, NH is a rewarding northern New England challenge for hunters. Pittsburg consists of approximately three hundred square miles of forest, wooded primarily with balsam fir, beech, cherry and birch, 90% of which is in a conservation easement between the State of New Hampshire and a private timber company.

The 2016 season was a good one for Tall Timber hunters
This vast, remote wilderness is open to public hunting and is accessible by logging roads, four-wheeled drive roads or afoot. An abundant supply of wild blueberries, blackberries and raspberries provide tasty treats for wildlife, particularly the black bear.

Browse in our area is plentiful, helping the deer grow large in a short amount of time. Two hundred pound plus bucks are common and yearling bucks average one hundred twenty five pounds, often already sporting four to six antler points. Bucks one hundred fifty pounds and up qualify for our "Tall Timber Big Buck Club"

Moose hunting in New Hampshire is done by lottery. If you get lucky enough to be chosen you have a good chance of success due to Pittsburg’s large population of moose.


The majestic moose is the symbol of the north country and our most popular "local".


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Plenty of water
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