Tall Timber Lodge

Monty passed!

Monty starts his track
Test Day has come and gone, and Monty proved himself very well at the N.A.V.H.D.A. Natural Ability test. For not having seen a quail or chukar partridge before, he pointed them quite easily during the field exercise and completed his water retrieves without too much effort. His track of a pheasant was a little more difficult, but Monty did very well there too, pointing and pinning the bird on the edge of a marsh. The judges were impressed with his work ethic and cooperation and rewarded him with a Prize II, 107 points out of a possible 112.

We have more work to do before the season starts, but we’re really looking forward to the fall. In the Merrimack Valley Chapter’s supportive environment, it was a great day for all of the dogs and their owners - everybody passed the test! Thanks also to our frequent guest Don Day for taking his great pictures of the event.