Old Dogs & Old Tricks


Eventhough Greta’s getting up there in age (9 1/2 years) and doesn’t move around the way she once used to, she still has a pretty good nose for grouse. In only an hour’s worth of time, she pointed a pair (one of which fortunately posed for the picture with Greta), and we moved another bird that flushed away to breed for next season. The form? Not aesthetically pleasing for some hunters - she moves pretty slow, and almost seems to creep in to her points, but she still is amazing to watch. How are the boys doing? Rudy and Monty spent the day in the woods of northern NH with me yesterday and performed very well. In around five hours we moved 18 grouse, most of which were pointed and two that eventually made it in to the game pouch. There almost is no snow here now (very unusual for this time of year), and the woods are quiet with deer hunting season being over. It was like having a 300 square mile game preserve yesterday, and it seemed like we were the only ones out there. How long will this last? The Snow god will likely make an appearance for good soon, so we enjoy these last days of the season as long as we get them. By the way, on the way out of the woods in the late afternoon, we saw eight more grouse budding in the trees just before dark. They weren’t too concerned with us passing by either, as if knowing that we were done for the day.