Looking For Clues

When we check out new areas to possibly hunt in the near future, we're always looking for some evidence to support our beliefs.

Over the last week of running the dogs, we've seen the three primary types of evidence that we're most likely to encounter while out there.

1. Guano. This one is pretty easy to find, as long as you're looking for it, and you've got your eyes on the ground occasionally. A dog working ground scent will often give this one away, and while woodcock "whitewash" is the easiest to spot on the drab forest floor, piles of grouse droppings can be a little more difficult to spot.


2. Tracks. This is very difficult to see on your own, unless there's some snow on the ground, in which case they show up pretty well. The picture at right was a rare one for me - spring woodcock tracks in an area of patchy snow where there was also some whitewash.

Grouse tracks from late last season

Grouse tracks are common when we hunt in November and December, and are always confirmation that we're in the right cover to support birds.

3. Shot shells. Pick up your evidence, folks, and that may keep other hunters from finding your hot spots. It's the easiest way to protect those areas that you've worked hard to find and learn how to hunt. Fortunately for me, I find a lot of this type of evidence while I'm out scouting, and this gets filed in to the memory bank for an area to check out again during the season.