It's On!

The first signs of how this grouse season could turn out showed some positive results this week. The Vermont grouse season opened last Saturday, and while the scenting conditions weren’t optimal (70 degrees and sunny), Rudy had a few good points, but the birds did not cooperate for us. In fact, it was so warm that we stayed out for only about two hours. While the foliage is looking beautiful (we’re at our peak right now), it is not as beautiful when you’re trudging through it. It’s still quite thick out there!

Yesterday the conditions were a little better (60 degrees), and the work by Greta and Monty was also pretty good - in nearly three hours of hunting, we encountered 9 grouse and saw 3 others along the road as we drove out of the honey hole. Monty did especially well, as he pointed a pair of grouse on the edge of a small clear cut, now getting over run with raspberries. Unfortunately, neither of them offered a good shot - maybe we’ll find them another day.

The weather looks unsettled, but a bit cooler for this weekend and next week’s forecast calls for another warm up. Remember to bring plenty of water out on your excursions for you and your four legged hunting buddy!