The New Kid in Town

The rumors have all been true: Monty arrived last week to begin his indoctrination to the world of all things bearing feathers. As the new “lodge dog”, Monty’s gotten plenty of attention from our guests, which has been great for him in his development. Right now, training centers around getting the lay of the land, obedience, and fitting in with Greta and Rudy. As expected, Rudy has adopted his new best buddy pretty easily, while the process may take longer with Greta - she can be a hard nut to crack at times. We hope to have him out and hunting with us later this fall. He especially likes to pal around with his older brother Rudy (on the left), wherever he goes.

Now to the real important stuff: Grouse. NH Fish & Game predictions are for a better than average upcoming season for us based on the Wing and Tail Survey conducted last fall. The latest numbers from this spring’s drumming survey should also be out soon as backup data. I heard quite a few drummers this spring while out turkey hunting, so that was a good sign and the weather the last two weeks has been phenomenal, which is all good for baby grouse. As usual, June will be the all important month for the chicks and their survival. We’ll know better a month from now ...