2011 Spring Report

So far it’s been a wetter spring than we had last year, but it seems as though we have quite a few grouse that it made it through our winter. We had lots of snow for snow roosting, which may have made a big difference for the birds in making it through ok. Lots of birds have been sighted along the logging roads and I heard quite a few males drumming while turkey hunting over the last few weeks. A friend of mine in southern Vermont even had a male grouse come in and then put on a full display for his hen decoy - quite amusing!

Monty is continuing in his bird dog education lately, as he prepares for his N.A.V.H.D.A. (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) Natural Ability test this coming Sunday. He has lately been learning the finer points of water retrieving and tracking. He showed great ability last hunting season (as some of you know) with pointing and retrieving, so hopefully he stays on track for this season.

If you have a young bird dog and want to bond with and learn from your dog, preparing a dog for a N.A.V.H.D.A. test can be a great way to do this and forge your partnership with your dog. The tests are fun, non-competitive, and usually somewhat close by. Go to
N.A.V.H.D.A.’s website for more information on a chapter near you.

I’ll let you know how he does!!