Monty's first Point!

Ok, this wasn’t the first point, and no, Monty’s not learning how to hold one ear up at a time!

In between learning his commands and beginning his mascot duties, Monty has been running with Rudy and Greta, learning the ropes of what it takes to find grouse and woodcock. While we’ve been encountering some birds, Monty has been more focused on keeping up with the older dogs than trying to actually find our feathered friends. All of that changed however on Tuesday, 8/23, when he pointed his first grouse (twice). We were fortunate to bump in to a brood of about 7 or 8 birds - there were so many that I had a hard time counting them all - and both Rudy and Monty took turns pointing members of this group, as they had split up just prior to us getting there. It was exciting for sure, and something that I won’t soon forget.

The season opener is little over a month away now, so I think he’s right on track for a good first grouse season.