Land of Plenty

That’s Rudy pointing a grouse from earlier this week - they’re already starting to run too, as we caught up with this one about 40 yards down a hill from us. We’ve been out for scouting sessions several mornings this week, before the coolness burns off and it starts feeling like summer again. Temps are okay until about 10 A.M., then starts heating rapidly after that.

Our first morning out this week was a great one, as we moved / pointed 5 grouse and 9 woodcock in around two hours out there. A few of the grouse held very well for the dogs, and the woodcock were also holding, as you would expect. The next time out was a little tough, as we only encountered 1 grouse and 2 woodcock in a little over an hour - it warmed quickly that day, and I wasn’t willing to get in to the deeper cover, as Rudy and I were panting heavily.

This morning was amazing, and probably the best scouting session we’ve ever had. In two hours, Rudy and Monty managed to point / move around 25 grouse, most of which were from three broods of 6 - 8 birds each. Monty also had a great point on a pair of grouse in heavy cover, which was very exciting. The area we were in usually yields one to two broods each season, so seeing three broods in limited time in this area was amazing, and mindboggling when you think that if the temps were cooler and we were actually hunting, what else would we have found?

It was great to be sure and we’re anticipating a fantastic and plentiful upland bird hunting season in 2012. More updates to come ...