April 16 Update

It appears as though our long winter may be over at last. There's still some snow out there, but it's going away fast now and hopefully we'll have totally bare ground soon. The recent warming trend also means it's time to get the dogs out, prior to the breeding season for our grouse and woodcock.

While we've been seeing decent numbers of grouse all winter, it was particularly nice to see some of our woodcock returning from warmer climes this week. The timberdoodles are definitely back now, and we were fortunate to run in to eight of them this morning, along with four grouse, in a little over two hours of scouting. We also saw a good amount of them a couple of mornings ago too, so we'll hope that we have a dry and warm nesting season for all of our feathered friends.

Rudy and Monty did a great job as usual and seem to be in mid-season form already -
check them out on this video.