Almost There!

Well, fall certainly seems to be in the air these days. As if the preliminary changing of our foliage wasn’t enough, we’ve had two weeks straight of cold, rainy weather, making our beautiful sunny days of this summer a distant memory, and all of this has combined to raise our excitement for the coming grouse and woodcock season.

Rudy and Monty have been running the grouse woods the last couple of weeks, checking out some of our old haunts and trying to discover a few new ones. Greta, continuing her best Brett Favre imitation (straight out of retirement in to games, no training camp, thank you!) has been frequently swimming the lake to get in bird finding shape. The “boys” have found their share of birds of both varieties: we encountered 8 grouse at various locations yesterday, and 8 grouse and 7 woodcock in two hours of scouting on Tuesday, an astonishing amount of birds in so little time. Rudy looks to be in fine form right now, and Monty has chipped in with some points as well - he’ll definitely be a mainstay on our hunts this fall.

Of course, we won’t truly know how this fall will turn out until we’re actually foraging the grouse woods, but it looks good right now, which is plenty to get me fired up for the opener in two weeks!