Columbus Day Reunion

Hunting often brings together folks that don't get enough time throughout the rest of the year to spend with each other. Schedules being what they are, it can be difficult to make those connections with regularity. This was the case with John (from Connecticut) and Bruce (from Virginia), so it was great seeing friends since grade school hooking up once again. Sounded like this is a one shot deal for them to get together and hunt each year, and I was glad they gave me a call to help them out in pursuit of grouse and woodcock.

Due to a foot injury that Rudy suffered several days before, we had to make a call to the bullpen, so Greta saw her first action of the season. Much like Kirk Gibson coming off the bench to hit that homer in the world series some years back, Greta gamely returned to her playing field, the grouse woods. She did not disappoint! Quite a few points and some great dog work later, Bruce and John had harvested a woodcock and grouse, and Greta made a nice track of John's winged grouse.
The weather was chilly but sunny after several days of bad weather, so this probably helped get the birds motivated and moving around.