"Inaugural Trip of 2009", a.k.a. "The Search for the Grey Ghost"

This year's grouse guiding season was led off by Randy and Leighton, two veteran grouse and woodcock hunters from the great state of Vermont. We stayed in the NEK for this one, as the fellas wanted to learn some new areas of the Kingdom that they hadn't yet hunted. We've hunted together several times and it is truly a pleasure to tromp around the grouse woods with these two gentlemen. Now, we had some great dog work from Randy's dogs Cocoa (pointer) and Nugget (GSP), as well as from Rudy. Unfortunately at this time of year, you are more likely to hear fleeing birds than to actually see them, much less get a realistic chance of hitting them. The jungle of foliage in the early season gives the birds a big advantage over us Elmer Fudds. However, we had a fair number of bird contacts over our two days together, but Randy and Leighton were unable to bring anything to the game bag.

C'est la vie! That is grouse hunting, pure and simple, and we've all had days like this. After all, grouse are, well, grouse! As you dedicated grouse hunters already know, they don't give us too many easy chances. If you can think of more good hunting excuses, please insert them here: ______________________________