Is A Rainy Day of Grouse Hunting Better Than Working?

In one word: YES. While it may not be comfortable hunting in the rain (especially the pouring rain), it still beats being in the office, dealing with all of those mundane tasks that wear us down slowly, day after day.

After the first four days of the grouse season in NH, we’ve gotten soaked on three of them, but the hunting’s still been pretty good. The birds have been there, at least for my people. Six grouse and six woodcock moved on Saturday morning, and eight grouse and three woodcock contacted on Sunday, both days in NH. We had a respite from the weather on Monday, and after a slow start that morning
(the grouse couldn’t even believe what the sun looked like), we would end up moving nineteen grouse and two woodcock, primarily in the afternoon in Vermont. Even this morning we saw or heard seven grouse, again in VT, in just two hours of looking around for them - not bad, considering the weather.

Where were they? Lots of edge cover with small evergreens, most of which have been near roads and trails, but certainly not always. There’s still lots of foliage on the trees right now, so the shooting’s left a little to be desired, but we’ve had some good work out of the dogs here in the first week. We have a sunny weekend coming, though with higher temps, which isn’t always the best for us hunters and our four legged friends. Bring lots of water for yourself and your dogs this weekend - we’ll all need it.